FAQs about a wedding dress

Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

We have tried to answer most of the questions in our glossary of Q&A’s,
but if you should find there are more questions you have,
please contact us and we will try assist as best we can.


When should l start to look for my wedding dress?

If you were buying a new gown then most shops would recommend you start looking for your gown 12 months prior to your wedding date. However, at Brides Dress Revisited, all of our dresses are sold off-the-peg and so you can leave your decision until much closer to your big day. The only thing you need to consider is allowing enough time for alterations. Usually we would allow 2 months for alterations but, dependent on the extent of the changes needed, our seamstresses can sometimes work their magic in much tighter timescales!

What price range is your collection?

Our gowns are priced at between 30-60% of RRP and, because we source dresses from all over the UK, they are from a wide range of designers. Prices start from £500 and go up to around £2750 but the majority are between £750-£1500 ensuring that, whatever your budget, there will be something to suit.

What sizes are your sample gowns?

We hold styles in all sizes from UK6 to UK20. We do, however, find that demand sometimes outweighs supply on the larger sizes as they sell very quickly. Should you wish to discuss our stock levels prior to booking an appointment then please do give us a call.

Is there anything I need to bring with me for my appointment?

We want you to feel comfortable, relaxed and also safe during your appointment. With this in mind, the first thing we need discuss at this time is face masks and gloves. For everyones safety, we ask that you and your special guest wear disposable gloves and a face mask throughout your appointment.  We are happy to provide these if you do not have any.

As far as clothing is concerned, please feel free to wear whatever lingerie you wish. Ideally it would be nude in colour but if that doesn’t work for you then go with what makes you feel confident.

We can also offer shoes for you to try on but, again, should you wish to bring a favourite pair with a heel height that you would plan to wear on your big day, then go ahead.

Finally, as we work differently to other bridal shops and all of our dresses are sold off-the-peg, we ask if you could refrain from wearing fake tan or heavy make-up. We are very relaxed here and want to see the real you so that we can really help you find a gown that is perfect for you!

Who should join me at my appointment?

So you are getting married and all your friends and family want to help you make the decision on the gown! We have been working with brides for almost 11 years and our advice would usually be to bring a maximum of 3-4 guests to your appointment. Despite this, following the outbreak of Covid 19, we have decided to change this advice temporarily in order ensure we comply with social distancing guidelines and also to protect our staff.

Going forward, we will be offering two types of appointment – virtual appointments and in-store appointments. Should you wish to visit us in person for an in-store appointment, we would love to welcome yourself and one special person to our boutique. Don’t worry though, we are happy to set up a meeting so that your other guests can be with you via Zoom on our tablet in-store!

This brings us on to the smaller members of your family.  We do usually welcome children but, given the current circumstances, we are sorry to say that we are unable to do so at this time.

What should I expect at my appointment at Brides Dress Revisited?

We like our brides and their special guest to come in, throw down their bags, and enjoy the exclusive use of our boutique and our undivided attention for 1½ hours.  It sounds like a long time, but trust us it flies by!

During this time, your appointment will be be split into three sections:

  1. The Introductions: This is where we take a seat and get to know about how you visualise your wedding, your venue and, of course, the most important thing, your dress!  Feel free to bring your own refreshments, preferably neutral coloured, as trying on dresses can be thirsty work, We would love to offer them but at the moment we need to protect you and our staff so we are unable to offer them at this time.
  2. The Dress Selection:  Once we have established your preferred styles, our consultants will begin to select four or five dresses that they feel would suit you based on your brief and your personality. Then, when our consultants have seen you in these dresses they will then use their vast experience in advising brides to suggest further styles and offer styling advice.  There is no limit to how many dresses you try on and remember to keep an open mind, as many brides fall in love with a gown they initially thought wouldn’t suit!
  3. The Short List: After trying on a selection of gowns you may have one, two or three favourites.  At this point, it nice to have a re-cap and pop them on again.  This will give you the opportunity to shortlist further or maybe it will result in that magical moment when you decide you have found the one.
Does Brides Dress Revisited offer a fitting and alteration service?

Our team of consultants pride themselves in being able to help you find your dream wedding dress!  However, in order to feel truly amazing on your special day, we also work with a team of very talented independent seamstresses who can ensure you achieve the perfect fit!

As your wedding date approaches, you may have changed dress size slightly or you may even feel that you would like to make some changes to the design of your gown. Don’t worry, most things are possible!


All you need to do is bring your dress, your lingerie and shoes and our seamstresses will work their magic!

Can I come in just to look at your accessories?

Even if you have bought your dress elsewhere, you are more than welcome to come along for an Accessories Appointment. Please click here for further information on the stunning range of accessories we have available in our boutique.

Do you charge for an appointment?

We don’t believe in charging for appointments! We do, however, ask that if your plans change and you are unable to make your appointment that you let us know as soon as you can.  We operate on an exclusive appointment basis and therefore our appointments are always in demand. We don’t like to turn brides away so your help in letting us know if you wish to cancel is much appreciated.


What dresses will Brides Dress Revisited accept?

At Brides Dress Revisited’s, we pride ourselves in offering only the finest second hand designer wedding dresses.  Our aim is to offer the bride-to-be a collection of beautiful dresses that look as good as new. With this in mind, quality and hygiene are naturally of the utmost importance to us when selecting stock and therefore we can only accept dresses that are:

  • less than two years old (proof of purchase may be required)
  • in excellent condition
  • are offered dry cleaned

On some occasions, whilst a dress may be offered to Brides Dress Revisited as ‘previously owned’ rather than ‘previously worn’, we may still deem it necessary to dry-clean the item in order to prepare it for sale.  If so, we will discuss the costs involved and request prepayment from you prior to arranging for the item to be cleaned.

How much will it cost me to sell my wedding dress through Bride Dress Revisited?

We operate a no sale, no fee policy.  This means that there aren’t any listing fees involved, we will collect your dress free of charge from anywhere in the UK and we will return your dress to you free of charge should we be unsuccessful in selling your gown.

Only when we secure a buyer will we take commission of between 30-50% before forwarding the remainder of the monies to you.

How do I arrange the sale of my dress?

Simply click here to send your dress details to Brides Dress Revisited, or telephone to advise us that you would like to sell your wedding dress, and we will endeavour to make the rest of the process as effortless as possible.


Firstly we will discuss with you the detail of your dress, agree a selling price and a commission rate that we both feel is achievable.  Following this, we will arrange free collection of your dress via UKMail at your convenience

Do you offer a collection service for my gown?

Once we have discussed the detail of your dress, agreed a selling price and a commission rate with you, we can arrange a free collection of your dress via UKMail on a day of your choice.  Collections are made between 9.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. from Monday to Friday from your nominated address.


As we are unable to specify a time for your collection, you may with to use an alternative service whereby we send you a postage paid label and you are then free to take your wedding dress to the post office at your convenience.


Before postage, it is advisable that your dress is boxed carefully to avoid any damage in transit.  There is no need to arrange postal insurance as we have an agreement with UKMail to insure our collections/deliveries provided they are suitably packaged for transit.


Once your dress has arrived, and we are confident that it is suitable for sale we will advise accordingly and begin to promote the sale of your dress.

What are the conditions of the sale of my dress?

Upon agreement, Brides Dress Revisited will market your dress both online and from our boutique for an initial contractual period of six months.  During this time, if your dress is sold we will forward between 50% and 70% of the selling price to you immediately and Brides Dress Revisited will keep the remainder of the monies.

Can I ask for my dress back during the contract period?

As we appreciate that all brides cherish their wedding dress, we do understand that from time to time, you may change your mind about selling your dress and may wish to withdraw it from sale prior to the end of our contractual agreement.

Upon notification of your decision, we are happy to return your dress within 7 days, but will unfortunately need to request a payment of 10% of agreed selling price along with any return delivery costs incurred.

Please note that dresses that have not been claimed within 12 weeks of the end of the contractual selling period will become the property of Brides Dress Revisited.

What happens if my dress doesn’t sell?

If we are unable to find a buyer for your dress during the contractual period, we can either return your dress to you free of charge at a convenient time, forward your dress to charity or, alternatively discuss extending the selling period where appropriate.